Photo Grid Pro

Next Generation WordPress Image Grid Builder

Create a visually stunning gallery for your website in minutes. Awesome editor and lightbox included.

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Super Advanced
Drag-and-drop Editor

  • Choose the grid resolution and create the perfect layout for your gallery
  • Experiment with padding, corner radius and other settings to create a unique look
  • Precisely adjust timings and animation curves to get different effects
  • Instant previews while tweaking settings

Preview Mode

View the end result instantly while tweaking settings!


Standard feature for a desktop app, but rarely seen in a plugin editor!

Try the Editor Live
With Your Images!

The full version of the Editor is available online for you to test! Take the step-by-step guide, use your own images and see how Photo Grid Pro will work for your project!


Endless Combinations of
Effects and Animations

Experiment with endless combinations of animations for page load, mouseover and textbox transitions.


These are only a few of the animations that you can choose from. You have complete control over animation curve, duration and animation order to achieve a unique effect!


Photo Grid Pro uses cutting-edge CSS3 effects like blurring and desaturation to make your gallery look even cooler.


Custom Made

Photo Grid Pro comes with a custom-built lightbox addon, packed with features!

  • Transparent background
  • Background blur
  • Desaturation for background or adjacent images
  • Swipe gestures and rubberbanding
Click an image to launch the Lightbox!

Fully Customizable
Text Boxes

With the Editor you can customize the text boxes however you want! Change the background color, opacity, padding, and more. HTML code in the text boxes is supported as well!

Mouseover the demos below!

Touchscreen Optimized and
Fully Responsive

Features like fluid width and gesture support guarantee a smooth experience on mobile devices.


Free 6 Months
Customer Support

We are here to help!
If you have any issues installing or using our product,
please send us a ticket and we will respond as soon as possible!

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